Frantic on Friday

I am writing this after the fact, as I was more concerned of course with spending time at the sewing machine rather than at the computer.  In fact, I told Rijen that I was only going to deal with Fiona and the dress, everything else (house, food etc.) was up to him.  In a way that was fun because we got to eat chicken nuggets AND pizza that week! Growing up, I usually got those kinds of meals on special occasions or my birthday.

However, I did want to take the time to document a little about making the dress, so I attempted to video tape myself sewing while holding Fiona.  Of course I was able to get more done when she slept, yet she was a very good helper and kept me company while I finished the embroidery.  This video is sped up about 700X- I only wish I could really sew as fast as it looks. What is amazing and adorable is watching her little hands move.  I think it’s cool how much she moves her hands compared to my stitches. I wouldn’t have thought she was moving around so much.  Music by FANTA4.