Bibs for every mood

I am trying to go back and document when I started sewing again after Fiona’s Blessing Dress.  I thought it was Fiona’s Easter Dress. Then I remembered I had made a blouse and a skirt even before the dress. AND THEN when I went into look at my pictures, I saw that it was actually in February 2011 when I started sewing bibs.

It all started with Amy Butler’s book Little Stitches for Little Ones. I had gotten this book soon after Fiona was born, with the intent to sew Fiona’s crib bedding using the pattern in the book. I also liked many other projects from the book but had not gotten around to doing anything.  Fiona really liked me to “read” this book to her though- she would drag it over to me and we would go through  all the pictures together. She liked looking at the happy babies.  She loved the piggy bib, so I decided I would finally get out my sewing machine and start something.

I think I thought that bibs would be an easy way to start sewing again.  Fiona needed new bibs, I didn’t need to go out and buy special fabric for them- goodness knows I had enough fabric to sew bibs for an army of babies, [aside: such army thankfully does not exist], so yeah, I thought it would be simple.

Bibs are not the hardest project by any means, but it was a lot fussier than I thought. Cutting the bias binding, sewing around all the curves, making the little pockets…..I think perhaps a simple skirt or bloomer would have been a lot easier.  However, it was fun and Fiona loved having her own personal little bibs.

Piggy Bib

A stark white bib isn’t the most practical sort, but she really loved it. I tried to keep it as a “breakfast bib” so that it wouldn’t get too stained. The only change to the pattern was that I did the ears and nose in Minky fabric, so it would be a fun texture- AND once she was done eating, I would dampen one of the ears and use it as a washcloth to clean her face with.  It worked really well that way.

Green Apple Bib

Next I used the same pattern as the Piggy Bib, just without the face detail. I really like the big size of this bib and the pockets.  The apple is a fabric I purchased at Stoffmarkt, a local fabric store near where we were living downtown in Stuttgart, Germany.   I was pregnant with Leif at that point, so besides the Piggy Bib, I wanted to make bibs that were unisex.

Orchard Apple Bib

Ah, back in the days when I did Fiona’s hair cute every day.  This may have been my favorite- Inside the pocket I put a contrasting fabric that was of an apple orchard. I also did large hand-stitching around the sides, which I liked. I wish the apples were centered a bit better, but oh well.   For this pattern, I just searched for tutorials on the web and combined a couple I liked.  The feature I like on this one is the side snap.

Note the window art behind her? That was done with Crayola window crayons, which we LOVE. Of course the floor to ceiling window also helps.

Wavy Bib

Fiona was upset that her stripes were clashing. I never decided whether I liked doing a tie or snap closure.

Ruffle Bib

This was more of my own tiny little design touch.  I had this beautiful French Provençal fabric I wasn’t sure what to do with. So while I was waiting to decide (I’m still waiting…picnic blanket? Summer tablecloth or runner?) I thought I could spare a scrap or two to make a bib.  I also had a scrap of red fabric I had dyed years ago, so I made a few little ruffles and sewed it on the side. I love how it turned out.

Do you wonder what she is scrutinizing so closely?

Hm…..something looks a little different on that baby, mom.

Those are actually tiles from a gorgeous memory game I purchased at the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain.

I must have taken this picture immediately after making the bib, because later I hand stitched around the yellow binding in with red floss.

 Last bib.  I also experimented with using no interfacing, fusible interfacing, fusible fleece (from the Amy Butler pattern),  just scrap fabric to give it some more weight….I felt each had its pros and cons.

Using the fusible fleece made the bib sturdier and probably more absorbent.  It held up well in the laundry. It does add a little extra cost and work though. On the other hand, for rolling a bib up and sticking in the diaper bag, I liked a thinner bib.  Just using an extra scrap of fabric in the middle instead of interfacing gave it a bit more weight but still was very thin when folded or rolled. Good way to put some ugly fabric to use.