Petit Cinderella

Fiona was Cinderella for Halloween. It’s been rainy here- it rained on Halloween, during trick or treating and this was the first sunny window we had. Not the best backdrop and I don’t have time right now to explain anything, but here it is! I modified a McCall’s pattern. She did look like a teeny little princess.

Silver Cinderella front



The way I altered the pattern: I made it two pieces instead of one whole dress. That way I can make extra skirts (and extra bodices) and little girls can come over and mix and match. Or, in reality all fight over the same favorite combo. But one can dream……..


This is the blue skirt. It’s not all that different of a look than the silver. But I wanted silver so it matched better, but I also wanted to appease Fiona, who wanted to look like the Disney version. So I made two skirts.  In my head I had a conversation with her about how she can have her own opinion about how Cinderella can look, and it doesn’t have to be exactly like the “Disney Princess,” but even the conversation in my head didn’t go very well, so I just left it at that.


Bow to the Queen!

I’d love to come back in here and explain the process more, but we have a trip coming up and I have lots to do!  Plus, I want to fix some issues with the skirts & put a different zipper on the bodice. It is a closed zipper, but I think it would be easier to get on if it is an open zipper. We’ll see if I have time for any of that. At least it was totally wearable and functional for Halloween.