Fiona & Ink

A few years ago, I decided to start a blog. I decided to call it ONA INK, which is a bit of a play on words, if you speak German.

Ohne Tinte = Without Ink

Ohne Ink= without Ink

ONA = from my daughter’s name Fiona

INK= sounds like Inc., as in Incorporation,  and although creating a blog is not legally forming a new entity, for me beginning a blog was embarking on a new personal enterprise.


ONA INK – referencing my daughter’s name, and a hidden meaning to me–a nod to this new form of journaling without ink & the beginning of expressing myself in a new medium.

I originally started two blogs, one for personal family things and a second for my hobbies/interests.  I was planning to call the family blog “ONA INK”  and the interest blog “OHNE INK.” The obvious problem here is that if I ever was to talk to a family member about whether they had read a post on a blog, the names sound exactly alike.  So, I figured the OHNE was just confusing.  I also didn’t have time to post on my interest blog, let alone my family blog! So, Ohne Ink fell by the wayside…

…until now, when I have once again decided to revisit a second blog.  There are many reasons for and against doing this, which I will not bother with discussing here–I will just leave it at this and hope for the best possible outcome.  That being, having a second blog will actually help me to have both blogs more up to date!  I can’t promise that my blogs will be chronologically accurate, but I can promise that my family blog will reflect what is/has been going on in our life, and this blog will reflect what is going on in my head.

Bear with me perhaps though, as I catch up on past projects I would like to document here, and as I figure out what content I should have on which blog.

I also should mention that I see this blog as a resource and a record primarily for myself. I feel uncomfortable calling something a “tutorial,” since there are so many well-documented tutorials for practically every technique out there.  I somewhat like to take pictures while sewing to remind myself of the order and process by which a garment was created, however I’d rather link to a great tutorial that helped me than duplicating their tutorial myself. I’ll leave it at that for now and see how this process evolves.